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Odyssey is a global fintech group engaged in multi-asset management. The company operates on a proprietary AI quantitative technology platform and is primarily involved in the intersection of cutting-edge technology and financial investments, covering both traditional financial sectors and Web3 digital finance. Odyssey offers diversified investment advice, portfolios, and investment solutions to clients worldwide.
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Business Structure
Our business covers two major domains: traditional finance and digital finance.
Our investments encompass bonds, stocks, futures, foreign exchange, trusts, as well as potential equity stakes in start-up enterprises. The company positions itself in the capital market through the integration of investment, financing, and capitalization.
The insurance industry is a growing market, and we have established a dedicated market segment for it. It is also an important source of investment returns for our company.
We have a deep understanding of global strategic directions and provide specialized consulting services to our clients, assisting the group in its investment strategy transformation.
Investment security is of paramount importance, and our dedicated risk management team is committed to reducing investment risks through their unwavering efforts.
We offer our clients diversified investment portfolios to minimize risks and maximize returns.
We will search for relatively high-quality non-performing assets around the world, carry out mergers and acquisitions, and recombine and package them for listing, revitalize assets, and create value!
Here, you can explore various digital financial ecosystem segments such as tokens, DeFi, GameFi, DAO, and more.
All investment schemes and portfolios of the company are implemented through the built-in AI big data analysis trading strategy - the Odyssey Ai Quantitative Platform. The platform incorporates various quantitative trading advantages such as Martingale and grid strategies. After numerous upgrades and optimizations, it has become the unique technological advantage of the company.

Currently, the Odyssey Ai quantitative trading strategy has been applied to various financial products such as stocks, commodity futures, and foreign exchange. In the future, there will be further expansion into the field of cryptocurrency, leveraging technology to create value and achieve dual returns in both traditional finance and digital finance.

24/7 real-time online monitoring guidance
The software's distributed quotation server collects information on different financial product exchanges and uses powerful AI on the server side to analyze, process and filter the quotation data to provide the best decision-making solution.
Thanks to the strong technical support from our team, the Odyssey Ai software offers nearly programmable trading strategies, making it easier for traders to navigate and continuously improve their trading strategies.
Odyssey Ai Quantitative Trading
Software advantage
Powerful Intelligent Analysis
Flexible parameter strategy
The software is capable of monitoring thousands of trading pairs simultaneously, ensuring that the market data obtained has a latency of less than 1 second! Moreover, we provide professional customer service and real-time guidance from technical experts for portfolio monitoring.
Our goal is to expand our business globally and become a respected international premier financial investment service provider.
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Joshua .Smith(UK)
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Eric Evans(US)
Herbert Statham(BVI)
Anne Hayweather(UK)
Mo Weilan(SG)
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Business cooperation has always been one of the important means of market promotion for us and Odyssey. We are grateful to Odyssey for being willing to cooperate with outstanding enterprises from different industries. Through resource exchange and integration of mutual strengths, we aim to achieve a win-win outcome.
Indeed, choosing Odyssey is a wise decision. Perhaps you may think that it hasn't been established for a long time, but does that really matter? A good company is the one that can bring good returns on investment.
We should be among the first batch of Odyssey clients in the Chinese market. We appreciate the company for providing such excellent investment choices. A company with cultural connotations is worthy of trust.
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